Gas distribution

Please also visit the Movies-Section for movies of the gas distribution of galaxies in the Local Group  simulations.

Gas distribution of Andromeda (Box 64 - 186592), face-on view, at redshift z=0.84. (A. Khalatyan; PMViewer)

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Gas distribution of the Milky Way (Box 64 - 186592), seen nearly edge-on, at redshift z=0.84. (A. Khalatyan; PMViewer)

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Gas distribution of M33 (Box 64 - 186592, 4096^3 resimulation), face-on, at redshift z=0. The spiral structure of the gas disk is nicely visible. (K. Riebe; PMViewer)

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Gas distribution of the Milky Way, face-on view, at redshift z=0 (Box 64 - 186592, 4096^3 resimulation).
For exploring different color schemes, click on the link below or choose one of the high resolution images. (K. Riebe; PMViewer)

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Projection of the three main halos (MW, M31, M33) along the z-direction. The shown box has a size of 1.3 Mpc/h per side (Box 64 - 186592, 4096^3 resimulation). (G. Yepes)

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Versions with dark matter and star distribution are available at:
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The gas distribution of the Local Group on large scales (left picture, about 2 Mpc/h across, viewed from a distance of 3.3 Mpc/h) and the gas disks of the three main galaxies (right panels, about 50 kpc/h across, from a distance of 250 kpc/h).
For the zoomed pictures the colour mapping is shifted to higher densities (factor 10^0.5) in order to enhance the spiral arm features of the gas disks. (K. Riebe ; PMViewer )

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