CLUES 2019 meeting in Lyon

The 2019 annual CLUES meeting and workshop will be held in Lyon, France, from 2-6 September 2019.

1. The Venue: the meeting will take place in the “salle panoramique” (room 202) of the IN2P3’s Computing Centre (or CC-IN2P3) of the La Doua Campus of the University of Lyon -1. The address is:

21 avenue Pierre de Coubertin
69627 Villeurbanne cedex

Find a map here

In the afternoons, we will also have at our disposal some office space in the Institute of the two infinite (IP2I) (previously called Physique Nucléaire – IPNL) which is a brief walk from the Computing Center. Specifically we have space for around 15  people in room 429 of the Dirac Building + 2 more private offices: Helene’s office and Noam/Alexandra’s office.

Lunch will be served on campus at the university-club, which is a 10 minute walk from the meeting. We must arrive at lunch no later than 12:30

2. The Hotel:

Belambra Club “Villemanzy” Hotel
21 Ascent San Sebastian
69001 Lyon

There are two ways to get from the hotel to the meeting.

(A). A walk would take a little under an hour as its about 4km from the hotel. Its a very nice walk

(B). Otherwise you can take the subway and tram. Start by walking to the metro stop “Hotel de Ville Louis Pradel” and take the A line 3 stops to “Charpennes Charles Hernu” (direction “Vaulx-en-Velin”). Exit the metro and take tram T4 or T1 to the stop “Universite Lyon-1”. From the tram stop you can walk to the computing centre (about 5 min). The entire journey should take around 45 minutes door to door.

3. Social Event

On Thursday we will have a boat ride which can also accommodate spontaneous afternoon discussions. Lunch will be served on the boat. As per the program we will have a morning of talks and then leave together to the boat.

We will leave the university at 10:30  to arrive at 11:00 am at 16 quai claude bernard, where our boat “Hermes” will depart shortly after. Return is planned at 17h30 to the same place (i.e 16 quai claude bernard)

4. Please find the program here

5. Emergency contacts : Helene : +33 7 85 32 92 66, Noam : +49 172 733 0489





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