Images and Movies

These pages provide pictures and movies of our cosmological simulations, e.g. showing rotations, flights through the Local Universe or following the evolution of galaxies.

Copyright note
You may use the pictures and movies for illustration purposes in talks and for posters, but we ask you to give proper credit to the artist(s)/institution and the CLUES project.

Visualisation tools
Most images and movies were rendered with Arman Khalatyan’s PMViewer, a tool dedicated for rendering particles of N-body simulations. It uses a perspective projection for real 3D-feeling and allows to render particles as small spheres, which results in nice, smooth-looking pictures. For more information and download, please click on the link above.
The remaining images were produced using own density estimators and IDL or codes based on the public software pgplot.

Technical remarks
All movies should be playable with the free movie player MPlayer.
Most avi-format movies also run with Quicktime and/or Windows Media Player. If you encounter any problems or require a different format, please contact us. We might be able to help you!