Box 64 – 186592

This simulation concentrates on the Virgo Cluster and the Local Group in a box with a side-length of 64 Mpc/h. The full box was simulated with dark matter particles only, yet we also performed high resolution resimulations of regions with different radii centered on the Local Group, partly with gas and stars included.
Please follow the links in the left navigation menu for an overview on the available (re-)simulations with different box sizes, resolutions and components.

The table below provides the general cosmological parameters, which all (re-)simulations have in common:

Cosmological Parameters

Lbox 64 Mpc/h
ΩΛ 0.76
h 0.73
n 0.95
iseed 186592
spectrum EisHu approximation
(image of a spectrum calculated from the simulation at starting redshift z=50,
with 256^3 particles:
jpg [50 KB], eps [20 KB])

Simulation Code


Some explanations of the parameters are available here: parameters.