In a series of papers we have studied the evolution of substructures in the Local Group.

“Constrained simulations of the Local Group: on the radial distribution of substructures”,
N. I. Libeskind, G. Yepes, A. Knebe, S. Gottlöber, Y. Hoffman, S. R. Knollmann, MNRAS 401 (2010), 1889.

“The grouping, merging and survival of subhaloes in the simulated  Local Group”,
J. Klimentowski, E. L. Łokas, A. Knebe, S. Gottlöber, L. A. Martinez-Vaquero, G. Yepes,  Y. Hoffman, MNRAS 402 (2010), 1899.

“The impact of baryonic physics on the shape and radial alignment of substructures in cosmological dark matter haloes”,
A. Knebe, N.I. Libeskind, S.R. Knollmann, G. Yepes, S. Gottlöber, Y. Hoffman, MNRAS 405 (2010), 1119.

“The preferred direction of infalling satellite galaxies in the Local Group”,
N. Libeskind, A. Knebe, Y. Hoffman,  S. Gottlöber, G. Yepes, M.  Steinmetz, MNRAS 411 (2011), 1525.