CLUES Workshop 2011 at the University of Sussex

Our CLUES workshop took place at the University of Sussex in Brighton, June 05 – June 10.

The workshop was sponsered by MultiDark, Royal Society and Astrosim.

Practical Issues

Getting there
The University of Sussex is in Brighton, 1 hour south of London.

The following web page gives some details on how to reach us. Brighton is a vibrant mid-size city on the sea, a popular resort with beaches, variety of restaurants and hotels and things to see and do. The easiest way to come here is to land at Gatwick Airport (Easyjet and a number of other companies fly there). Gatwick is the second largest London airport and is only 30 min from Brighton (direction opposite to London). All the other four London airports can be used as well, but it takes takes longer (and is more expensive) to get to Brighton and back to the airport (e.g. early morning flights from Heathrow are impossible to catch unless one sleeps in London the night before, or gets a taxi/rental car, which is expensive). There are also direct buses from Heathrow to Brighton.

Trains from Gatwick to Brighton. The train station is attached to Gatwick South Terminal

The university station is called ‘Falmer’.

List of participants

Gustavo Yepes
Steffen Knollmann
Stefan Gottloeber
Ilian Iliev
Francisco Prada
Yehuda Hoffman
Anatoly Klypin
Mia Bovill
Alexander Knebe
Tobias Goerdt
Arianna Di Cintio
Ofer Metuki
Noam Libeskind
Jesus Vega Ferrero
Steffen Hess
Cecilia Scannapieco
Francisco Kitaura
Sebastian Nuza
Daniel Ceverino
Emilio Romano-Diaz
Manolis Plionis
Timur Doumler
Adrian Partl
Ginevra Favole
Edoardo Carlesi
Federico Sembolini
Pratika Dayal
Paul Shapiro


Mia Bovill           "Pre-reionization fossils and the Missing Massive Satellites" 
Arianna Di Cintio    "Massive subhalos in Milky Way like galaxies: the baryonic case"
Ofer Metuki  	     "Applying scale-free mass estimators to the Local Group in 
                      Constrained Local Universe Simulations"  
Jesus Vega Ferrero   "How many gravitational lenses are there on the sky?" 
Timur Doumler        "Constrained Local UniversE initial conditions"
Edoardo Carlesi      "N-Body simulations of vector dark energy cosmology"
Federico Sembolini   "Hydrodynamical simulations of resimulated clusters from Multidark and 
	 	     Marenostrum runs: The effects of cooling and star formation in the 
		     scaling relations"
Adrian Partl         "The MultiDark Database"
Ginevra Favole       "MultiDark halo abundance-matching" (Wed-Thu)
 Mattia Fornasa       "Implications on Dark Matter from the Fermi-LAT measurement
       		     of anisotropies in the diffuse gamma-ray background"
Tobias Goerdt        "Detectability of cold streams into high-z galaxies by 
       		     absorption lines"
Noam Libeskind       "Stellar haloes in CLUES" (Mon or Tue)
Steffen Hess         "Particle hydrodynamics with tessellation techniques"
Cecilia Scannapieco  "Formation of Milky Way mass galaxies in LambdaCDM"
Sebastian Nuza       "Clustering of BOSS-CMASS galaxies in the MultiDark simulation"
Daniel Ceverino      "Properties of clumpy discs at high-redshift from 
       		     cosmological, galaxy formation simulations"
Emilio Romano-Diaz   "The prevalence of disk in massive halos at z~10" 
Pratika Dayal        "Milky Way progenitors: Lyman Alpha bright?" 
Yehuda Hoffman       "Intro to CLUES and overview of recent developments"
Francisco Kitaura    "From galaxy surveys to the initial conditions and to peculiar velocity fields"

Last update of this list: 31th May 2011.

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