CLUES Workshop 2013 in La Cristalera

Our next CLUES workshop takes  place in La Cristalera, from
May 6th  to May  11th,  2013.

Practical Issues

Getting there
We plan to book a bus to take most people from downtown Madrid to the Residencia on Monday afternoon, May 6th.
Another bus will leave the Residencia to downtown Madrid on Saturday morning, May  11th, after breakfast.

Conference fee
The conference fee is 100 Euro if paid in advance to the CLUES-workshop account at AIP (details will be provided by email) and 150 Euro if paid in cash at arrival.

As most of you know from previous group meetings, we plan to have talks only during the morning sessions. We expect that all  PhD students present their latest results and encourage also postdocs to submit a talk. Please send the title of the talk to the organizers.

Discussion groups
During the afternoons we intend  to discuss ongoing projects in discussion groups. Please propose topics you want to discuss.

The Location
The meeting will take place at the Residencia la Cristalera in the mountains in Miraflores de la Sierra close to Madrid, Spain. The price for full board accommodation is 76 Euros per day. Please have in mind that the Residencia does not take credit cards, all payments must be done in cash (Euros). Please, take a look at La Cristalera Homepage   for more information.

Residencia la Cristalera

List of participants

Jenny Sorce
Steffen Hess
Alexander Knebe
Helene Courtois
Daniel Ceverino
Jaime Forero
Arianna DiCintio
Julio Navarro
Noam Libeskind
Brent Tully
Yehuda Hoffman
Gustavo Yepes
Stefan Gottloeber
Francisco Kitaura
Peter Creasey
Ofer Metuki
Alejandro Benitez Llambay
Pierre Ocvirk
Ilian Iliev
Harry Enke

The sun is shining for the participants:

Agenda  (45 minutes per talk including discussion)

Tuesday, May 7th Talks
Morning Gustavo Yepes: What we simulated,
simulate now or intend to simulate soon pdf
Jenny Sorce: Constrained Simulations of the Local Universe with
Cosmic-Flows-1  catalog pdf
Steffen Hess:  Structure Formation of the Local Universe pdf
Afternoon Discussion
Cosmic Flows 2 and Constrained Simulations
Wednesday, May 8th Talks
Morning Daniel Ceverino: Radiative feedback and the low efficiency of galaxy
formation in low-mass halos at high redshift pdf
Alejandro Benitez Llambay: Learning from star formation histories
in the CLUES simulations pdf
Peter Creasey: Supernova feedback in cosmological simulations pdf
Afternoon Discussion

Simulating the Web Stripping
Thursday, May 9th
Morning Noam Libeskind: The deformation of the velocity field: cosmic vorticity
and the origin of halo spin pdf
Isha Pahwa: The orientations of galaxies and haloes in cosmological
hydrodynamical simulations pdf
Jaime Forero: The place of the Local Group in the cosmic web pdf
Afternoon Discussion
2MRS and Constrained simulations
Friday, May 10th Talks
Alexander Knebe: Galaxies going MAD pdf
Arianna DiCintio: MaGICC cores and cusps: the dark matter
distribution’s dependence on halo mass and feedback model pdf
Ofer Metuki: Effects of the cosmic web on galaxy formation pdf
Afternoon Discussion
Clues database


Last update: May 6th, 2013

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