CLUES Workshop 2014 in Potsdam

This year’s CLUES workshop takes place in Potsdam, directly before the Dwarfs2014-Meeting.

Date: August 21st  to August 23rd,  2014

We will start at 10 am in the seminar room of the Schwarzschild building. In case it is your fist visit at AIP you can find the institute following the instructions at

Group picture:

More pictures of the CLUES Meeting are available here: CLUES Meeting Pictures.

Program of the 2014 CLUES meeting in Potsdam

Morning:  10:00 to  1:00  (Talks)
Afternoon: 2:00 to 18:00 (Discussions, all or in smaller groups)

Lunch on Thursday and Friday in the canteen of AIP.
Lunch on Saturday at AIP delivered from LaStrada.
Morning and afternoon coffee breaks (coffee, drinks, cookies).

Thursday, August 21 – New Software, new machines

An introduction to the MergerTreeMPI code (Edoardo Carlesi, pdf)
Zoomed initial conditions with Ginnungagap (Sergey Pilipenko, pdf)
News for Erebos Users (Harry Enke, pdf)
CLUES data in the CosmoSim database (Kristin Riebe, pdf)
Bayesian inference of cosmic density fields from non-linear, scale-dependent, and stochastic biased tracers (Metin Ata, pdf)

New simulations, what do we want, what do we need?
(Gustavo Yepes, Stefan Gottlöber)

Friday, August 22   –  Reionisation, methods

The visibility of Lyman α emitters (Anne Hutter, pdf)
Overview about the reionisation runs (Pierre Ocvirk, pdf)
Radiative Feedback During Reionization (David Sullivan, pdf)
Reconstruction of the initial conditions of the Universe (Francisco Kitaura)
CLUES to overcome biases (Jenny Sorce, pdf)

Reionisation (Pierre Ocvirk, Ilian Iliev)
Bias  (Brent Tully, Yehuda Hoffman)

Saturday, August  – Local Group

Stellar population gradients in Dwarf Galaxies (Alejandro Benitez Llambay, pdf)
Gasoline CLUES (Chris Brook, pdf)
Star formation histories in satellites versus isolated galaxies (Arianna DiCintio, pdf)
Galaxies in filaments have more satellites: The satellite luminosity function in the cosmic web  (Noam Libeskind and Quan Guo, pdf)
Vast planes of satellites in high resolution hydrodynamical simulation: comparison to Andromeda (Nicolas Gillet, pdf)
The Local Group in the cosmic web (Jaime Forero-Romero, pdf)
Galactic Disks in CLUES (Ivan Minchev, pdf)

Planar planes (Brent Tully, Noam Libeskind)
What to do next? A summary.


Metin Ata <>
Alejandro Benitez Llambay <>
Chris Brook <>
Philipp Busch <>
Edoardo Carlesi <>
Peter Creasey <>
Arianna Di Cintio <>
Harry Enke <>
Jaime Forero-Romero <>
Juan-Nicolas Garavito-Camargo <>
Nicolas Gillet <>
Stefan Gottloeber <>
Quan Guo <>
Yehuda Hoffman <>
Anne Hutter <>
Ilian Iliev <>
Francisco Kitaura <>
Alexander Knebe <>
Bogna Kubik <>
Noam Libeskind <>
Julio Navarro <>
Sebastian Nuza <>
Pierre Ocvirk <>
Sergey Pilipenko <>
Kristin Riebe <>
Cecilia Scannapieco <>
Jenny Sorce <>
Matthias Steinmetz <>
David Sullivan <>
Brent Tully <>
Gustavo Yepes <>

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