CLUES Workshop 2018 in Puerto de la Cruz

The 2018 annual CLUES meeting and workshop will be held in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, from 11-15 June 2018.

CLUES Workshop 2017 in La Cristalera

Our next CLUES workshop takes  place in La Cristalera, from
June 19th  to June  23th,  2017.

CLUES Workshop 2016 in Haifa, Israel

The CLUES Workshop 2016 was entitled “Cosmic Clues from the Near Field Universe” and took place in Israel.

See the workshop webpage for more details.

Date: 5-9, June 2016

Venue: Bay Club Haifa Hotel, Haifa, Israel

Latest News

This page contains some latest news as well as links to articles and the CLUES workshops.

HESTIA project gets computing time

The HESTIA (High-resolution Environmental Simulations of The Immediate Area), project – an effort to simulate a dozen Local groups in a constrained environment using the state-of-the-art AREPO hydrodynamic code, has received a large computing grant from the Leibniz Rechenzentrum (LRZ).The project will be carried out over the next 18 months (May 2017).

CLUES data at

Some of the CLUES data is now publicly available via the CosmoSim database. This includes AHF halo catalogues from the Box 64, WMAP3 resimulations of the Local Group with 40963 particle resolution.

Where are all the dwarfs?

Press release related to the paper  of Alejandro Benítez-Llambay et al. in ApJL

CLUES &  Art

The CLUES simulation Box 64 – 186592, DM only, with 4096^3 particles, inspired Noam Libeskind and his father to create a stunning chandelier, see Fastcodesign – article or The Guardian. By mapping the dark matter distribution to LEDs it “mimics and reproduces the cosmic light that fills the Universe.”

CLUES Workshop 2015 in Kopenhagen

The meeting was held in Copenhagen, at the DARK Cosmology Center, between May 8th and 13th. DARK has kindly agreed in hosting this year’s meeting, providing IT and local support for the participants. You can find more information about DARK here:

CLUES Workshop 2014 in Potsdam

This year’s CLUES workshop takes place in Potsdam, directly before the Dwarfs2014-Meeting.

Date: August 21st  to August 23rd,  2014

We will start at 10 am in the seminar room of the Schwarzschild building. In case it is your fist visit at AIP you can find the institute following the instructions at

CLUES Workshop 2013 in La Cristalera

Our next CLUES workshop takes  place in La Cristalera, from
May 6th  to May  11th,  2013.

CLUES Workshop 2012 in Lyon

Our CLUES workshop takes place at the Domaine Saint Joseph”, close to Lyon, June 17 – 22, 2012.The plan is to start on June 18th, Monday morning (thus arrival on Sunday is expected) and finish on June 21st Thursday evening.

CLUES Workshop 2011 at the University of Sussex

Our CLUES workshop took place at the University of Sussex in Brighton, June 05 – June 10.

The workshop was sponsered by MultiDark, Royal Society and Astrosim.

Practical Issues

Getting there
The University of Sussex is in Brighton, 1 hour south of London.

CLUES Workshop 2010 in La Cristalera

Our CLUES workshop took place in La Cristalera, from
May 30th — June 5th 2010.

Practical Issues

Getting there
We plan to book a bus to take most people from downtown Madrid to the Residencia on Sunday, May 30th, leaving at 8:00 pm.
Another bus will leave the Residencia to downtown Madrid on Saturday, June 5th, early in the morning.