CLUES Workshop 2015 in Kopenhagen

The meeting was held in Copenhagen, at the DARK Cosmology Center, between May 8th and 13th. DARK has kindly agreed in hosting this year’s meeting, providing IT and local support for the participants. You can find more information about DARK here:


PROGRAM CLUES 2015 (talks 20′ +10’ questions)
12:00-13:30PM practical info,lunch and coffee
Nuza: The Stellar and Gaseous components of the MW and M31 galaxies in a CLUES simulation pdf
Creasey: The Gas Content of Milky-Way Mass Galaxies in CLUES pdf
Di Cintio: The enhanced SFH of satellite galaxies pdf
coffe break
Brook: Improved Constrained simulations with “realistic” feedback pdf
Stinson: NIHAO: Fitting stellar mass–halo mass relationship pdf4:30PM Which feedback model should be used in the upcoming Local Group simulations?
Moderators: Yepes, Brook Saturday
Enke: CLUES Data in CosmoSim pdf
Wojtak: Voids in a continuous dark matter density field pdf
Kubik: Warm vs Cold Dark Matter cosmology – universal nature of subhalo accretion pdf
coffe break
Dixon: Reionization of the Local Group pdf
Shapiro: Simulating the Reionization of the Local Universe with Radiation-Hydrodynamics pdf
13:00-2PM lunch and coffee

How do we correct for Malmquist bias?
Moderators: Hoffman

dinner at Norrebro Brewery (optional, at one’s own expenses)

Sunday: social day
free morning to explore the city
12:00 Guided walking tour of the city center – 3 hours
16:00 Copenhagen canal tour -1 hour
dinner TBA

Gottloeber: The CLUES project, Constrained Local UniversE Simulations pdf
coffe break
Dolag: The Magneticum Pathfinder Simulations pdf
Pilipenko: Status of Ginnungagap ICs generator pdf
12:30-2PM lunch and coffee
Sorce: CLUES with Virgo pdf
Carlesi: The Local Group Factory pdf
coffe break 

3:30PM Which simulations do we plan to run and where?
Moderators: Gottloeber, Navarro


Santos Santos: The distribution of mass components in simulated disc galaxies pdf
Arias Callejas: Planes of satellite galaxies: a dynamical study pdf
coffe break
11:30-12:30 PM
Tiwari: The clustering of radio galaxies, biasing and evolution pdf
Pahwa: The cosmic web and the spin of galaxies pdf
12:30-2PM lunch and coffee

2PM Which reionisation simulations do we plan to run and where?
Moderators: Iliev, Ocvirk,Shapiro

Final remarks: scientific objectives/deadlines/tasks of different groups
Moderators: Knebe, Nuza, Tully
12:30-2PM lunch and coffee

End of meeting


Arias Callejas, Veronica
Brook, Chris
Carlesi, Edoardo
Courtois, Helene
Creasey, Peter
Deparis, Nicolas
Di Cintio, Arianna
Dixon, Keri
Dolag, Klaus
Enke, Harry
Gillet, Nicolas
Gottloeber, Stefan
Hoffman, Yehuda
Iliev, Ilian
Knebe, Alexander
Kubik, Bogna
Navarro, Julio
Nusser, adi
Nuza, Sebastian
Ocvirk, Pierre
Pahwa, Isha
Pilipenko, Sergey
Santos Santos, Isabel
Shapiro, Paul
Sorce, Jenny
Stinson, Greg
Tully, Brent
Wojtak, Radek
Yepes, Gustavo
Tiwari, Prabhakar


To/from airport:
taxi will cost approx. 300 DKK to city center, 20-30 min ride
train will cost approx. 36 DKK to anywhere in the city, 30-40 min ride, it runs all day and night long
Copenhagen airport website
Public transportation

The meeting will take place in the
Dark Cosmology Centre, Lounge

From your hotel/apartment to DARK just use google map, insert your starting point and DARK as final destination then click the icon of “bus/trains”. It will give you the schedule of buses, where to catch them and how long it takes. Tickets can be bought on board directly with DANISH KRONES IN COINS.
Example from Wakeup Copenhagen Hotel to DARK


The registration fee for the meeting will be 120 EURO  and will cover all the lunches, coffee break and social dinner. The fee can be paid directly by credit/debit card following the instructions given in the registration webpage.


The lunches will be served in the nearby BIO cantine everyday except saturday, when a special catering service will bring the lunch directly at DARK. The social dinner will take place on Tuesday, May 12th, location and menu TBA.


We have made a group reservation at WakeUp Hotel Copenhagen in Borgergade, 15 minutes from DARK by bus, fairly cheap (for CPH standard), new, good reviews and close to city centre.
The price it is 900 DKK per night per person in single rooms, wifi and breakfast included. If you want us to book this hotel for you please check the corresponding box in the registration form and indicate the check in/out dates.
If you want a double room, or you are travelling with your family or other special needs, please follow instructions in the registration form as well.
If you want to reserve a different hotel you should check the box “Other housing arrangements, made on my own”.

A cheaper option is to stay in the University Guest House, it offers single rooms for only 170DKK per night, or double for 265DKK and family rooms for 300DKK.

Please note that there are only shared bathroom in the guesthouse, not private ones. In the registration form,  check the box “Other housing arrangements, made on my own” and then reserve a room yourself  directly at Note, there are only 20 rooms available at the moment between May7th and 14th, so first come first served!

Another solution may be to book an apartment on:
There are several flats near by DARK for reasonable prices, some of them big enough to allow sharing. You will be provided with an official receipt so you will not have problems regarding reimbursement. Contact me if you wish to rent an apartment via airbnb as I have a few discount codes to offer you.


On Sunday, we plan to have a Copenhagen Canal Tour. The price will be 80 DKK (not included in conference fees) and the tour will last ~1 hour. You should check the relevant box in the registration form if you wish to join the tour.


Follow the link below to officially register to CLUES 2015. Information about your food preferences or alergies (kosher, gluten-free, vegan etc…) should be given in the “special food request” box.
Informations about your preferred accomodation should be given in the “accomodation” section.

As in previous CLUES workshop, students (master & PhD) and PostDocs are expected to present their on-going projects.  Talks from Seniors are also welcome and will be accomodated according to availability.
Please specify your talk title and abstract before submitting your registration form.

After submitting the form, you will receive an email with a secure link to complete the registration fees payment of 120 EURO via credit/debit card.
Your attendance to the meeting is confirmed only after the registration fees have been processed!
Please note that the hotel has to be paid separately at arrival.


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